Workforce Development

An era of challenge.

The departure of major manufacturing and industrial jobs, although not exclusive to the North Quabbin, has had a particularly long-term and devastating effect on the economy and the people who make it their home. Unemployment rates remain higher than state percentage in most North Quabbin towns.  The number of families living below the poverty line remains high, with the number of students living in poverty a particular concern.  Teen pregnancy rates are also among the highest in the state in several North Quabbin towns.  Substance abuse continues to be a scourge, and incidents of domestic abuse are too numerous.

Where there is challenge, there is opportunity.  Greenworks believes that One of the root causes of the struggles endured by many of the families here is the lack of economic prospects.  Ecologically Responsible development can and will have a sustained, positive effect , providing real opportunity for the hard working people of the North Quabbin.

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