Invested In Green

A Strong Sustainable Economy with a Global Perspective

A vibrant economy means moving towards carbon neutral. This when each tenth of a degree increase in mean global temperature is bringing droughts, floods, and strife to a town near you. Sorry, but it is not optional anymore. Climate change is erasing gains in human rights, woman’s rights, every social improvement we’ve worked for, it is making crops such as corn and rice obsolete.  raking arable soil off the surface of the planet and sterilizing healthy oceans. As we support a vigorous standard of living, join others in creating meaningful jobs and the resources to retain them, green is about survival of our generation and the next.

We will encourage youth to stay in North Quabbin as we develop the means and  ability to forge a new knowledge base while celebrating what we already boast in wood craft, stunning orchards productive gardens, a sumptuous natural history and charismatic, unforgettable local character.

How it gets done

To attract new sources of support and assistance, to  create partnerships and alliances throughout the region and beyond, we have to go and seek partners, not wait for good fortune to land on our rooftops. Greenworks can be a catalyst, we come from a place but cannot move ahead if we stay parochial rather than reach out.

There are many ways to encourage green businesses to come into, or expand in North Central Massachusetts by helping green entrepreneurs find investment opportunities, energy efficient office or industrial space, and skilled workers.  There are also impediments, which we need address and remediate.

Greenworks continues to develop connections with local banks, regional loan fund brokers, grant makers, and state and federal agencies that can assist new businesses to succeed in North Quabbin.  There are those who can counsel new businesses that cannot get loans or find office or manufacturing space to meet their needs, but such assistance must be selfless and equitable.   Such businesses may eventually get a small low-interest loan through Greenworks or use incubator space that may be provided through the Orange Innovation Center or kindred venues.

Greenworks works with the local Career Center to maintain a list of skilled workers who are currently unemployed that new businesses can use to hire employees with pre-existing skills. We act as “match maker” between local skilled and unemployed people and new business growing demands. We are creating  programs in partnership with local colleges, such as Greenfield Community College, to analyze what environmental technologies could be developed in North Quabbin and how best to train and employ area workers in the process.  The organization supports and promotes the local logging, farming, and outdoor recreational economies as a means of easing unemployment while protecting the natural environment.

Greenworks will enter into partnerships with local elementary and secondary school districts, sponsoring seminars, training programs and classes that will inspire youth to consider “green” as both a lifestyle and career choice.
Greenworks will lend its expertise in media and marketing to ensure that green businesses have continued success.
Greenworks will sponsor events that will attract ecotourists and possibly raise funds.  Host workshops may include biodiesel, responsible logging, showcasing existing industries.

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