Climate Change Treaty Activities COP 21 Paris

Greenwork’s Director goes on-location for historic treaty negotiations.
Director Jonathan Schwartz was in Paris for the dramatic last days of the climate treaty negotiations. In addition, they captured the grand finale, a massive victory celebration at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

The team took a deep look as well at the alternative activist movements that converged on Paris in December, including members of “Makers” collectives which are growing in popularity in the North Quabbin . The Makers represent some of the best and brightest young entrepreneurs and engineers in Europe and the States. They stoutly believe that the devices that they are making, and making together, such as self-cleansing showers and a dollar a-year-water bottle filters, can, if developed and shared in an open-source collective , reduce poverty and the carbon footprint. This especially in the lesser developed world. They in turn looked at the activities of their national statesmen at the COP 21 treaty negotiations with appreciation, compassion and yes, a measure of salty disagreement.

While Parisian politicians were garnering world praise for their pivotal role in creating a tangible outcome out of COP 21, local French farmers, environmentalists, and back-to-the land occupiers were continuing to fight government attempts to build a second international airport to West of Paris on
precious wetlands. The Interlock team joined them as they demonstrated in Stalingrad Plaza, far removed from the official goings on that made up COP 21. How much they had in common with those involved in conservation and development in the North Quabbin and beyond!

At the proposed airport site in Nanders, their compatriots were staging a permanent occupation, living in hobbit -style straw-bale houses, occupying abandoned homes , even living in tree houses. Today, they were taking their mission to the streets.

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